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Lean Enterprise Estonia is an expertise centre in the field of operations management.
What we do:
  • Conduct research and participate in scientific projects that give information on new and contemporary process management methods (research & development)
  • Carry out different seminars and workshops (learning & studying)
  • Help companies and organizations understand their processes and possibilities of their improvement (consulting)
  • Educate future operations management professionals (teaching)
  • Write and publish articles (publishing)
  • Arrange and participate in special public events (conferences, round tables, forums), participate in translating specialized literature and take other steps to develop the area (area development)
How we do it:
  • Use our long-term practical professional experience received while participating in different projects both in Estonia and abroad.
  • Apply our deep theoretical knowledge of process management and optimization.
What we use to do it:
  • At our disposal we have professional instruments and methods for process mapping and analyzing.
Contact us and together we will find the best way to improve your processes!

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